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Shorei Goju Ryu Karate for Children, Adults, and Families

Vocabulary needed to go to Gold Belt

A demonstration of each of the vocabulary words needed to go to Gold belt as well as pronunciation of the words. 

Dojo Kun

The Dojo Kun is said at the end of each class. This is part of the requirement to move to Gold Belt.   

Gold Belt Sparring Basics

Demonstrations of the sparring basics needed to move to Gold belt. 

Wrist Escapes

Demonstrations of the wrist escapes needed to go to Gold belt.

Gold Belt Strikes

Demonstrations of strikes required to go to Gold belt.

Gold Belt Stances and Sitting

Demonstrations of the stances and sitting positions needed to go to Gold belt.

Pinan 1

Demonstration of Pinan 1.

Pinan 1 (Narrated)

This demonstration of Pinan 1 has been narrated with the number of each move in the kata. 

Pinan 2

Demonstration of Pinan 2. 

Pinan 2 (Narrated)

This demonstration of Pinan 2 is narrated with the number or name of each of the moves in the kata. 

Pinan 3

Demonstration of Pinan 3.

Pinan 3 (Narrated)

This demonstration of Pinan 3 is narrated with the names of the moves in the kata.

Pinan 4

Demonstration of Pinan 4

Pinan 4 (Narrated)

This demonstration of Pinan 4 is narrated with the description of each of the moves in the kata. 

Pinan 5

Demonstration of Pinan 5.

Pinan 5 (Narrated)

This demonstration of Pinan 5 is narrated with the descriptions of each move of the kata. 

Bassai Dai

This video has a narrated walk-through of all of the moves in the kata, followed by Sensei Todd running the kata twice recorded from two different views. 

Wrist Locks

Demonstration with step by step description of all nine wrist locks plus pushes.