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Shorei Goju Ryu Karate for Children, Adults, and Families

About Our Instructors

Sensei Richard Todd


Richard Todd began his karate training in 2002-2003 at Montessori Centers, at the after-school program run by then 4th Degree black belt, Sensei Gensheimer. What began as a fun extracurricular activity turned into a 

lifelong passion.

Since then, he has trained at Hanshi Phil Morgan’s dojo in Plainfield for five years, attended numerous seminars and trainings in other martial arts, and competed at several local tournaments. He earned his Yodan (4th degree black belt) in November 2015, and deeply enjoys nearly all aspects of Karate. 

Sensei Vince Hernly


Vince Hernly started karate in the summer of 2006 and received his black belt in the fall of 2009 under the instruction of Sensei Jeanie Gensheimer. He earned the rank of San San (3rd degree black belt) and the "Sensei" title on November 17, 2012.

He has been teaching for Sensei Gensheimer for several years. He enjoys teaching all skill-levels and finds that teaching others is often a great way to deepen his understanding of karate.


Sensei Robert Bilek

Sensei Robert Bilek


Robert Bilek was interested in martial arts as a kid who was bullied by bigger kids.  He trained in Aikido as an adult from 1992-2003, earning 1st degree black belt.  He began training in Karate in 2012 under Sensei Jeanie Gensheimer as an Ivy Tech College credit class.  

He received his black belt under Master Gensheimer in 2014 in spite of back and knee problems, and received the rank of 3rd Dan in 2016.  He has been teaching for Master Gensheimer for over 4 years.  He believes that the martial arts can benefit everyone, regardless of their size, age, gender, ability, or limitations.

Sensei Ben Hernly

Sensei Ben Hernly


Ben Hernly has been teaching karate for 6 years and plans to continue for many years to come. He started training in the first grade and it had a massive influence in his life. 

Ben was the first one in his family to take karate and now four members of his family have black belts. He hopes that his teaching can give others the same experience and opportunity that he received from karate. Ben is a gifted instructor – dynamic and entertaining.

Sensei Alex Smith


Alex Smith started Karate with Sensei as a college course. Immediately when starting the class he enjoyed it. Over time Sensei invited him to her Rivi dojo and he hasn't looked back since. At yellow belt he started teaching for Sensei at School 91. He really enjoys Karate as a whole but if he had to say what his favorite thing to do is, 

it would be translating his self-defense into 

his kata. 

Alex believes that all the elements of Karate relate to each other, which is why you should practice everything. His family members have all reached a level of black belt and he is proud of them all.