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Shorei Goju Ryu Karate for Children, Adults, and Families

Kyoshi Gensheimer


Kyoshi's Background

In 1993, the Indiana Youth Institute Award was presented to Ms. Gensheimer for outstanding efforts to promote healthy development in youth. She holds degrees in psychology and early childhood education from Ball State University, as well as a master's degree in marital and family therapy from Butler University.

Her teaching experience includes karate, trampoline, movement education, and coaching a girl's gymnastics team. She was the director of the Fountain Square Center of Girls Incorporated. It was there that she met and began training with Master Kay Myers.

Beginning in 1994 and continuing through the present, Jeanie Gensheimer, 7th degree Black Belt, has trained under 8th degree Black Belt Master Kay Myers.  She is one of only 4 women to have achieved a master's rank and is the 3rd highest ranking woman in the system. She is currently the only female school owner. 

Sensei was voted 'Outstanding Martial Arts Student of the Year' in 1995. She has also won numerous awards for kata and took first place during the 1996 State Tournament in Self Defense.

In 1995, Sensei Gensheimer started a mobile karate and gymnastics program, taking her skills to schools, health clubs, and day-care centers in Indianapolis.

She teaches at 15 locations, with the main program centered at The Riviera Club.