5640 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208, United States

(317) 728-0040

Shorei Goju Ryu Karate for Children, Adults, and Families

Checks for fees should be made payable to Jeanie Gensheimer Martial Arts

Registration Fee

The registration fee is $95 and includes a karate uniform and a handbook. 

Additional family members are $75 each. 

Replacement handbooks can be purchased for $5. 

Shorei Goju Ryu Dues

Shorei Goju Ryu dues $30 per year, or $300 for a lifetime membership.

All karate students are required to be a member of this national organization.

Promotion Fees

Promotion fees include the new belt

  • Promotion Fees for Gold Belt through Brown Belt $25 
  • Fee for All Weapons Certifications $25
  • Promotion Fee for Sho Dan (First Degree) Black Belt  $100
  • Promotion Fee for All Black Belt Promotions Ni Dan and above $200